Top Reasons For Car Accidents
  1. Speeding
    If you exceed the speed limit, you exceed the possibility to keep the car on the road at some point. Even the most skilled drivers would eventually encounter a scenario where they cannot keep the vehicle on the road at excelled speed.
  2. Drunk Driving
    If you’ve imbibed even a little, you’re impaired and not at 100 percent. Alcohol reduces reaction times and alters judgement. Even if you maneuver your automobile perfectly on your side of the yellow line, you may not be prepared to react if something unexpected occurs – like a deer in the headlights. Driving under the influence is not only irresponsible, it’s murderous. Taking your chances is playing Russian roulette, and if you lose and take a life, jail time is a sure thing. Call a friend or a cab because failing to hail one could equal bail or jail.
  3. Reckless Driving
    Don’t drive as if you’re the only person on the road. Reckless driving covers a lot of ground and includes more than speeding. If you’re changing lanes too quickly, tailgating, driving impatiently, and so on, you’re driving recklessly! Take a breath. Better to get there a little late and safe, than push your luck and find yourself in trouble.
  4. Weather Concerns
    Ugly weather increases accidents. Wet surfaces from snow, ice, or rain can cause skidding, which often leads to crashes. Pump the brakes.
  5. Failure to Stop at Signs and Lights
    Drivers who run red lights are some of the biggest killers on the road. Every year, thousands of accidents and hundreds of deaths occur because someone ignores a red light or stop sign. STOP! It’s not a suggestion, it’s the law!
  6. Teenage Drivers
    Research and statistics conducted by auto insurance companies know that it’s not ‘if’ a teen driver will have an accident, but ‘when’. Good driving takes time and practice. Inexperience can be a killer.
  7. Night Driving
    Your risk for an accident is doubled at night. Limited visibility and possible fatigue are main factors. Avoid driving at night if at all possible.
  8. Poorly Maintained Vehicles and Design Defects
    Malfunctions of the vehicle itself can cause severe damage. This could occur from defective designs or parts, but mostly it’s a result of operator neglect. Maintain your car and stay on top of any recalls.
  9. Unsafe Lane Changes
    Changing lanes without signaling or checking your blind spots increases your risk for an accident. Stay alert in traffic to anticipate the moves of other drivers, avoid driving in their blind spots, and move away from bad drivers as soon as possible. Most importantly, use your own turn signals!

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