The Best Auto Collision Repair And Custom Auto Paint Jobs In Springfield MO

Nobody wants to get into an car accident or wreck their car intentionally. Mishaps occur in everyone’s life. You can’t really avoid them. They are determined by fate. Here at Ben’s Collision and Custom Auto Body Repair, we understand the emotional relationship you develop with your car over time. We try our best to make sure your car looks the same after the collision. We value the needs and expectations of our customers and work accordingly to bring back the original structure of your car. We treat our customers like family members and value their car like our own. You will be more than happy with our customer service. Unfortunate events happen in everyone’s life without expectations. These are part of life. So when you visit our shop we make sure to treat you well. We don’t see you as our customer but as a chance to grow our family.


We deal in auto body repairs and auto collision repairs of most vehicles. All types of Collision repair We do honest work and take pride in it. Ben’s Collision is basically an Auto repair and body shop. We have experienced staff here at Ben’s Collision and Custom Auto Body Repair. We will work effectively and provide you with satisfying service.


Good customer service is our FOCUS

The first question that pops up in your mind is “Why should I trust Ben’s Collision and Custom Auto Body Repair?” This is a genuine question. Everyone should get a little information about the shop they are giving their car. Here at Ben’s, we have experienced technicians which will treat your car like their own. We have all the necessary equipment and staff needed to repair your car make it look like new.


We provide Free Estimates:

We are happy to give free estimates of the whole repair. You can make a call to our office for inquiry of any type. We will gladly answer your questions. We want our customers to feel like family and we will always listen very carefully and pay attention to every detail. We help guide our customers with the best possible solution and also give a free estimate. Whether you want to have an estimate for Auto body Repair Springfield MO or Auto Collision repair Springfield MO. Call us now to get a quote for free.


Ben’s Collision and custom body repair your best option!

We have been serving the people of Springfield and Missouri for many years. We do honest work and have gained the trust of people all around the town. We provide excellent service. We have experienced technicians working here. We make sure your car looks just like it was before the collision. Here at Ben’s collision and custom body repair, we have all the required parts and stuff and the proficient staff which will bring out the best in your car. Our work will surely put a smile on your face. We take pride in our work.

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